Calling all Creative Asians! Creatively Asian will be hosting a YouTube livestream to highlight your AMAZING TALENTS and fundraise money! All proceeds from this livestream will be going directly to UNICEF to help raise awareness of human rights, but we will need YOUR HELP and participation‼️

The official date for the YouTube Livestream is December 20th, from 2-4 PM EST. If you would like to be part of the lineup of performers, please send in a video of your creative ability by no later than DECEMBER 17TH. The official video will be livestreamed on YouTube to raise money for UNICEF! Please make sure to take your video horizontally, and send it to Director of Finance and Fundraisers Emily Hoyumpa (contact information and email found in the Google forms linked below). 

UNICEF, a nonprofit that focuses on raising awareness for human rights, is working to help those in countries who do not have access to proper resources while also helping to combat xenophobia. In the middle of the holiday season, this is a great opportunity to give back to this organization that has done so much to help others!

More information can be found here!

On December 20th, the YouTube livestream linked will be emailed to everyone who filled out the Google form an hour before the livestream begins. 

This livestream is a great chance to showcase your creative talents to the world! Feel free to share this with your friends and family; the more the merrier!