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"Wish For Fauna"

By Rika Yang

Many young adults love purchasing stickers and handmade crafts, making art one of the most expansive forms of communication! Rika created CometsWish as a way to spark conversations about global issues through art. Instead of organizing by item, She organizes her shop by cause: social welfare, animal advocacy, and environmental conservation. Her dream is for CometsWish to nurture hope: hope for a better world, and hope that everyone can take part in turning our wishes into a reality!

How being asian shaped her life: In her experience being Asian, family is one of the strongest values that she holds. Rika and her siblings were raised to honor the sacrifices that previous generations have made for them, especially those made by their parents and grandparents who immigrated to the United States with little knowledge other than hope for their children. This hope for a better future is rooted in Rika, and her biggest motivator (and occasionally biggest flaw as well) is her optimism! Her hand lettering business, CometsWish, is her way of visualizing “the bright side” for people who might have trouble seeing it. The reason I’m able to pursue her craft may also be due to the Taiwanese part of her. Taiwanese culture teaches her to pay attention to the little things, whether they’re spontaneous strolls in night markets or yearly traditions or quirky superstitions. She absolutely loves details and embellishments, whether in life or in lettering, making creative arts some of her favorite things to do!

This sticker set is part of Rika’s “Wish for Fauna”collection, which aims to raise awareness for wildlife! All animals in this set are categorized as “vulnerable,” “endangered,”or “critically endangered” by the World Wildlife Foundation! In support of the current Yemen crisis, a portion of the proceeds from these stickers will also be donated to UNICEF Yemen.

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