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Hello, creative Asians!

Welcome to the Creatively Asian website: a place where you will find creative content created by and for Asian Creatives. Our compositions page will highlight various kinds of art (from literary arts to performing arts to visual arts), feature notable Asians in different creative fields through our "Creatively Asian Features," as well as cover a wide variety of cultural and civic topics through a creative lens. In today's society, Asians are rarely seen in the creative

arts and are often boxed into the stereotype of being rigid, shy, and unimaginative. Through the work produced by our amazing Creatively Asian writers, editors, artists, and more, we hope to dispel these racist assumptions and redefine the meaning of being Asian. Our compositions serve as a wonderful way to connect with fellow Asian creatives and bond with individuals from all over the world through our shared stories. If you find a piece that particularly resonates with you, please be sure to share it with others! We are beyond excited to begin this creative journey with you all and hope you will follow us closely. If you would like to submit any pieces yourself, please check out our "Engage" tab for more information. You can also go to our "Contact" tab and/or reach out directly to creativelyasian@gmail.com for any further inquiries.

Thank you and be sure to stay Creatively Asian!

Founder and Executive Director Joey Chen