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"Show Me + WYD WYA"

by Joyce Keokham

Website: http://lilearthling.com/index.html

Vimeo Channel: https://vimeo.com/j0yce

Instagram: @fuqr

This submission includes a music video directed by Keokham, along with an episodic written, directed, and acted in by Keokham. The music video, titled Show Me, was already released on August 28th, 2020 and the first episode of the episodic was recently released on September 7th that references Keokham’s early adult life. Be sure to check out both of these fantastic pieces of work and more on Keokham’s website, Vimeo channel, and Instagram!

Keekai - Show Me (Official Music Video) Director

"Making this video, Keekai and I wanted to encourage expression. Taking inspiration from the song as well as our friendships, the video was easy and organic to shoot despite being in a pandemic."

WYA WYD (Where You At? What You Doing?) - Episodic/Dramedy Writer, Director, and Actor

"WYA WYD is a dramedy following a group of young 20 year olds who do anything strange for a little bit of change. I never saw anyone like me or my friends on screen even though early adulthood for working class kids are real shared experiences. WYA WYD is the most relatable show we've never seen. Written from real experiences, audiences will find themselves rooting for our characters as they explore themes such as student loans, kink-play, scamming, respectability politics, familial ties and more."

Joyce Keokham is a writer/filmmaker/anarchist based in New York City. Their work as an intersectional storyteller questions authority, "normalcy" and ultimately rejects notions of human hierarchy. To quote abolitionist teacher, Bettina Love, "'Intersectionality' is more than counting representation in a room or within a group; it is understanding community power, or its lack, and ensuring inclusivity in social justice movements. It is a way to build alliances in organizing for social change." (We Want to do More than Survive.). "Every story I tell, every story I consume, who is being empowered matters."

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