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Created by Malika Mckenney.

Malika's submission titled Searching illustrates her confusion about her identity and place in the world. It is a personal piece, where she depicts not knowing where she belongs, not knowing where she's going, and not knowing what she's becoming. This composition represents a feeling that is not only familiar with Asians, but all people of color. Through her use of the creative arts, Malika shares this emotion with her audience and expresses a message that represents what being Creatively Asian is all about.

Malika is a 17 year-old who has always loved illustrating. Whenever she's not painting or drawing, she likes to do Bhangra (traditional Punjabi dances) or play the guitar to express her creativity through choreography and her passion for music. Her mother is a Singaporean of Indian ethnicity. Since being Singaporean is uncommon in Miami, Malika has felt different from her friends and peers. This hasn't ever been a bad thing for her though - because of her heritage, she has a larger global perspective and a better understanding of the world around her.

Originally created and posted on Instagram (@creativelyasian) by Joey Chen and Angela Nguyen. Click to go to the original post!