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Moments From Taiwan '19

By Charlotte

This is a compilation of Charlotte’s trip to Taiwan last summer! The first panel was a trip she took to an island off the coast last summer with her mom and brother. The second panel is the view from her grandparents rooftop. She spent a lot of time there early in the mornings looking down at the people in the streets. The last panel is a picture she took before riding an electric scooter around the same island in the first picture. Due to Covid-19, her family trip to Taiwan was cancelled this summer so she wanted to commemorate her trip last summer with a painting!

As a young kid Charlotte always wanted to play an instrument or become an artist. She always admired people that could draw really well and even in her faintest memories she recalls pursuing arts, both musically and with painting. She started painting seriously a year ago but she has experimented with all sorts of different art mediums! She started out with oil pastel and then an old watercolor kit she got for Christmas and finally acrylic paint, where she has found her home. Being Asian has shown her the value of honesty and trust. Her parents are pretty strict and she couldn’t really go out and do “teenager things.” The natural response to this would be to lie and sneak out but because of the way she was raised she really valued her relationship with her parents and always chose to communicate openly with them about their reasons for her not going. Through this she has become a more emphatic human being, with the ability to understand other people and easily imagine a day in their shoes.