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"Love Generously"

by Alethea Gani

Alethea has always thought handwriting was unique and interesting! She especially likes looking at the lettering on greeting cards and graffiti on passing trains or buildings. She wanted to be able to produce these letters and began to learn around 8th grade. Her two favorite "fonts" are brush letters and graffiti, and the picture is her attempt at combining them! Altheta believes that stereotypically, asian parents push their dreams onto their kids and basically map out their lives, but she has been blessed with parents who support what she likes to do. She wouldn’t have this many pens without them, and they love that she can make cards for their friends too.

The inspiration behind Alethea’s sketch is the mural miles spray painted in "Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse". She wanted to sketch something like it, but she couldn't find a phrase that could fit it. Then, she heard someone say the word "generous" and this is what she thought of! She chose to leave it as a sketch instead of outlining it because it better represents how raw and vulnerable the emotion is. However, she didn't want to make it too harsh, so she added rounded edges and some flourishes as well!

Written by Joyce Hong. Graphics by Jasmine Nguyen. Click here to see the original post!