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Journey of a Thousand Miles: My Story

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

This original autobiography displays the remarkable journey of an acclaimed pianist on his road to becoming “Number One”. It illustrates each aspect of his life from the very beginning: the sacrifices he and his family had made as well as the obstacles he had encountered. This story is told from Lang Lang’s point of view and how he perceived his entity through success in piano. This pursued profession was not only a great interest of his but also his parents who once had musical careers obstructed by the Cultural Revolution. At a young age, he had already begun his intense competition between other ardent pianists who were his absolute rivals. With much practice, he gained more experience which enabled him to thrive. Lang Lang also expresses his intense relationships with his father who was "willing to go to any length to make his son a star”. In fact, he accepted and enjoyed the pressure from others as it provided him with a sense of motivation, as the article asserts “Lang tells the story of his childhood without self-pity or bitterness, making his success, and the book itself, all the more satisfying.” —New York Times Book Review. Overall, this novel emphasizes a young boy whose prodigy and dedication aided him through hardship leading upon establishing a name for himself within the music.

Lang Lang is a worldwide renowned Chinese Pianist born in Shenyang, China. He had begun playing the piano at around the age of three and pursued a career as a concert pianist. Lang was merely seventeen when his career took off after performing Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto at the “Gala of the Century” with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. His career path however was not always smooth, during 2017 he was diagnosed with tendonitis. Fortunately, he made a speedy recovery. Selling millions of albums, topping Classical charts, and winning countless awards such as the Grammy, Lang Lang began creating his own music and spreading it around the world. In 2011, Lang Lang Music World was launched in China which allowed children to receive lessons and observe his distinguished performances. Essentially, he has been the motivation of many aspiring musicians and has left a notable and everlasting mark in classical music

Written by Amy Wang and edited by Kathy Ye.