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Ip Man 4: The Finale

This remarkable movie is a Hong Kong martial arts film that displays the racism that Asians living in America have encountered. The Asian actors featured experience mockery and racist remarks of their culture in their schools, communities, and workplaces. This film mainly takes on “white supremacy on American soil” as its focus, showing white individuals ridiculing Asian culture. It uses the theme of martial arts as the basis of the derision while other aspects such as physical appearance are also applied. All characters fought back during these situations, utilizing martial arts as one of the main forms of fighting as it was one of the leading motives of being mocked. This film spreads a valuable lesson: to defend yourself and fight back to prove yourself as backing down would only be permit taunting. Ultimately, this notable movie encourages one to spread their legacy and culture even when the majority attempts to bring you down as well as learning to protect oneself and justifying what you support.

Wilson Yip is a Hong Kong actor, film maker, and screenwriter who has produced numerous prominent films. He first began making films after joining Cinema City. Working as an assistant director, he soon obtained a wealth of experience in filmmaking. His most notable film productions are personally directed by himself including the four IP Man film series in which he had also acted in himself. Although these movies contain racism, it is not based on what he has experienced but rather the lessons and acknowledgements he is trying to broaden: xenophobia awareness in an Asian community/society. Essentially, Yip has always had a great interest in both filmmaking and acting which led him to pursue a career as both a passionate actor and a successful director.

Created by Amy Wang. Edited by Kathy Ye.