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Interview with Angelica Song

“We need to start discussions regarding diversity--if you are not intentionally inclusive, you are unintentionally exclusive.” ~Angelica Song (referenced from Neil Lenane).

Angelica Song is a Korean-American college senior at UC Berkeley. After starting a TikTok in January, Song has rapidly risen to prominence, garnering millions of likes on her college and lifestyle videos. Song recently launched her own platform, urCollegeSis, a community dedicated to college, life, and work advice targeted towards Gen Zers. In her TikTok and YouTube videos, she has been vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement and diversity, inspiring her audience to enact change throughout schools and communities.

As an Asian creative, what compelled you to get involved with the #BlackLivesMatter movement?

I think beyond just being an Asian American, BLM is a human rights topic. So it was just a no brainer to me that I speak out and use my resources to not only donate but also call to attention. I also took a Diversity Inclusion class at UC Berkeley that really reframed the way I thought about all underrepresented communities and how systems, things, and cultures were built against them.

Do you have any advice for young Asian activists/creatives who are trying to be politically active?

I would say that just educating yourself is the first step. I am not an expert; I am still trying to learn every day. Doing your readings, listening to podcasts, and watching documentaries can be really valuable. I also think it’s great, if you have the privilege, to register to vote and start getting politically active even at the city level. It’s never too late and you can take it at your own pace. No one is perfect; if you make mistakes along the way, own them, and move forward. I am with you.

As an Asian creative, what challenges have you faced?

I cannot comment too much yet as I just started in January 2020. However, I definitely receive troll comments regarding my race. A lot of them try to discredit my accomplishments because of the Model Minority myth, as if everything came super easy to me.

Who are some Asian creatives that inspire you? Why?

Amy Lee does a super great job of outlining the learning process for being a better ally. The ultimate goal is to just get everyone on that track to learning--because the learning never stops. It’s a lifelong dedication to be an involved ally.

Tell us about your project, urCollegeSis. Why did you create this project?

I created this project because I started to see lots of people considering me their “Sis” or “Sister” in a mentorship way. They could tell from my content and my personality that I have this “I want to help everyone” mindset. So that’s how UrCollegeSis was launched, a platform to talk about everything from college apps to post grad quarter life crises. I want to empower others to live their best lives: unapologetically and fearlessly. I have been able to create this awesome family there, and the support and community has been amazing.

As a Korean-American content creator and activist, Song embodies the Creatively Asian message. Through urCollegeSis, Song is inspiring a generation of leaders who are devoted to inclusion and diversity. Her outspokenness regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and diversity has prompted many youth to ignite change in their school campuses, workplaces, etc. By using her own experiences as a minority college student to build her presence on various platforms, Song is an emerging icon in the Asian creative community.

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