• Creatively Asian

Discussion Event Recap

Creatively Asian hosted an event with @alivevibetribe where participants got to bond with others to discuss more about representation within the media. Thank you so much for all the attendees and Alive Vibe for giving Creatively Asian an opportunity to host an event! Definitely look forward to more projects and events in the future!

Working alongside AliveVibe, Creatively Asian was able to host an event that allowed members to talk about representation within the media. It was a way for people to meet new people and learn more about other people’s perspective towards the issue. From learning about shows that have representation both on and off screen, to learning more about cultural appreciation, it was an amazing opportunity for people.

“The creatively Asian event was fantastic. I got to meet other Asian youth from other Asian backgrounds! I learned so much about other cultures and I really enjoyed meeting everyone. This was a great event for discussion and empowerment in the Asian community.” ~ Melinda Wang (@mxxlindaw9)

“It’s our differences that make us special. It’s amazing how we all found light and passion over something intimate such as ethnicity. It’s nice knowing I have people I can relate to.”

~ Ishitha Panguluri (@ishitha.p)