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Dash and Lily

“Dash and Lily” is an 8 episode romantic comedy Netflix holiday series created by Joe Tracz that came out on November 10th of this year. It is based on the famous young adult novel series titled Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn.

“Dash and Lily” is about a pessimistic boy (Dash) and a fun-loving girl (Lily) who talk to each other with a notebook that they leave in different places around New York City. Through completing a series of dares and sharing intimate memories with one another, they grow as individuals, learning more about each other and themselves. It is a fun and cute holiday story that takes a different spin on the classic love fairytale. “Dash and Lily” features Midori Francis as Lily and Austin Abrahams as Dash, alongside actors Dante Brown and Troy Iwata.

“Here’s the truth, I’m not happy and positive all the time. In fact, I usually feel small and like an outsider...I wish I could have stood up to all the bullies who made me feel too weird, too different, too Asian.” - Lily (Episode 3, Sophia & Edgar)

We find “Dash and Lily” a must-watch this holiday season, not only because it is a heartwarming story, but also because it portrays Asian and LGBTQ representation in a non-stereotypical fashion; Lily’s family is Japanese-American, and her brother is openly gay. Those who watch this show will get to experience what it is like to live in a biracial household and understand the values and traditions associated with this kind of culture. Both Midori Francis (Lily) and Troy Iwata (who plays Lily’s brother) have expressed their genuine gratitude for being able to connect with their identities on a deeper level. Francis even quoted, “It was incredible because this was the first time that I've really even been on a set or in any kind of production where they took the time and care to make sure that every single Asian actor on set was of Japanese descent”. This show is yet another example of how Asian Americans are breaking boundaries everyday, and why it’s so important to celebrate such creative and original talent.

Written by Meera Nair. Graphics by Jasmine Nguyen. Click here to see the original post!