• Featured Writer/Artist

Curly Girl

By Sophie Sun.

Being Asian helps Sophie keep in perspective how varied and complex social, generational and cultural differences really affect people. Especially when it comes to confronting more subtle aspects of racism and colorism. This is a piece she dedicated to celebrating textured hair. She feels as if the acknowledgment and recognition of black women and their natural hair should be seen and respected for the beautiful way of expression it is.

Sophie is an artist who specializes in traditional & digital art mediums. She has always loved art since she was old enough to hold a pencil, and she has both been self taught and formally trained in school to help get her to where she is now. She loves changing and experimenting with the mediums and styles of work she does, but she always had an affinity for figure and portrait works. Being a first generation Southeast Asian American and into the creative arts really surprises most people in her community both racial and geographical wise. She thinks it's great to allow a space for south eastern Asians to be open and encouraged to spread their creativity!

Written by Joyce Hong. Graphics by Haley Ma.