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Creative Ways To Help Cagayan

On November 11-12, the Philippines was hit by a massive typhoon that devastated the area of Cagayan Valley and took the lives of many. The causes of deaths vary from landslides, drownings, electrocution, and disease and any are left stranded as their houses became inhabitable. Local authorities of Cagayan, a province in the Philippines, have labeled this the “worst in the region in four decades.” The death toll continues to rise and many have gone missing as a result. Since Creatively Asian is centered around helping Asians all around the world, it is our civic duty to engage our community with information and offer ways to be informed and options to help. Here are a few ways you can help with your creative abilities.

Commissioned Art

Do you have a passion for drawing and marking beautiful art? One way you can help is by commissioning art and donating the proceeds to a charity to help the relief of Cagayan victims. Use your artistic abilities to help a cause! If you don’t feel you’re able to hold commissioned art, there are many artists that are holding commissioned art. Consider spending some money. You’ll get a neat artwork and you’ll be helping out in a big way. Here are a few artist on instagram who are holding art commissions during the making of this article:

@criispyfries (2 slots open)





@nettskiiee (5 slots open for CHIBI commissions)


Graphic Designs

If you have a talent in making aesthetically pleasing graphics, consider spreading the word through that medium. Create a graphic for an instagram post or instagram story to share to your friends. Other forms of social media such as snapchat, twitter, facebook, or even tumblr will also work as well. If not, you can help by reposting other beautiful graphics made by other artists. Just search up these hashtags to find these graphics:






Currently, TikTok is one of the biggest platforms where most people view interesting videos. They’re short 60 second clips that allow anyone to create content. We urge you to use this to your advantage. Create an informative video and share facts about the current events and situations happening. For much more depth, fellow youtubers can create longer videos to also inform their audience. Edit a series of videos to showcase the damages the typhoon has caused. Use your platform to talk about different donations and charities that provide money and necessities to those in the Philippines. You can also donate the proceeds of your video to your charity of choice if possible. In fact, there is a video that you can watch called “WATCH TO DONATE #RescuePH”. However, they do state that it may take time to monetize their channel, but encourage you to continue watching and share the video to increase chances of monetization. They are also explicit about the charities they donate too and will inform their viewers when they are monetized along with proof of their donations. If you’re studying or creating a piece of art, just play this video in the background. There is a quiet sound of water flowing so it’s not disturbing; you could almost fall asleep to it!

Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtGQmqT27xk&feature=youtu.be


Although it may be hard to take photographs in such a melancholic situation, you can do your part by spreading photos that are online about the typhoon. Photographs are one of the most powerful mediums to show the reality of an event, and this event is no different. Although you think you’re doing the bare minimum, your repost of a photo could strike a cord in the hearts of others to also help the situation.

These are just some creative ways to help through, but it’s definitely not limited. Whatever medium you choose to express your art, as long as it helps the cause, it’s more than enough. However, if you decide to go the tradition route of donating, here are a few charities:

PayMaya: https://donate.paymaya.com/collections/typhoon-relief

Written by Vivian Mai. Edited by Mariel Bumanglag.