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Articles of the Month

Our Creatively Asian Writers and Editors have been hard at work this past month, publishing articles for our official website! Here are a few featured articles of the month.

"Asian Voter Turnout": Written by Nina Greenberg and edited by Aditi Patel.

"Our right to vote is one of our key freedoms, and as Asian Americans, it is our right to make our voices heard."

It is especially important to increase voter turnout right now. Asian American voters under the age of 25, our youth, have the lowest turnout rate. It is vital for us to go and vote if we can to determine how our nation proceeds with extremely important topics. As creatives, there are many ways we can utilize our creativity to encourage those around us to go out and vote.

"Crazy Rich Asians": Written by Hiba Godil and edited by Geetanjali Roy.

"Moving forward, we hope to see more Asians cast in movies and start making a difference in Hollywood."

The movie Crazy Rich Asians is the first movie to have a majority Asian cast and make such a huge debut in over 25 years, and was a huge box office success. It has kicked down many doors regarding stereotypes and diversity in the film industry. It’s a ray of hope for Asians striving for representation to see how this movie has proved them wrong that they can in fact be creative and successful.

"2020's Yellow Peril": Written by Vivian Mai and edited by Mariel Bumanglag

"Don’t shudder away from a person due

to the race they were born as."

The “Yellow Peril” is defined as a racial term that refers to East Asians as a threat to the Western society. It has been especially evident recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to the rise of xenophobia towards all Asian Americans. The little things you do can make a huge difference. Take steps to educate yourself, step in if you see harassment, and treat everyone equally. Doing these will allow us to become a more accepting society.

"Chinese Painting: A Forgotten Tradition": Written by Elizabeth Bowie and edited by Kathy Ye

"Art is always beautiful, regardless of style, the materials used, or complexity. Don’t limit yourself—never stop creating!"

In our modern, technologically-advanced world, it's easy to get caught up in the idea that being a great artist is equivalent to being a great digital artist. Elizabeth Bowie recalls a time where she fell victim to this idea, but a trip to the art store led to the memory of the joy of traditional Chinese painting. Expensive or elaborate doesn't always mean better, and one can create art and be creative no matter the medium used.

"Cultural Diversity": Written by Vaishnavi Bhojane and edited by Pooja Manjakandy

"We all must not forget to stay strong and together to celebrate our differences!"

Cultural diversity is the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society. It can be so eye-opening because it allows for many fresh experiences and perspectives, which then leads to innovative thinking and solutions. Asia is especially well-known for its diversity. Festivals and celebrations are a major part of Asia's cultural diversity and they help us reconnect to our roots. Diversity is necessary because it creates acceptance and leads to overall societal growth.

Written by Pooja Manjakandy, Creative Director of Literary Arts.